trust – tolerance – self-sufficiency

It is essential that, as a nation, we be self-sufficient in all our basic food needs and as many other foodstuffs as possible.  These should be provided with the least degradation of our environment and the minimal use of pesticides and antibiotics.  In addition, given that monoculture is a disaster just waiting for the right disease, the use of different breeds of livestock and food crops must be encouraged along with allotments and other small-scale and urban agricultural ventures.

I know little about farming save that it requires dedication and effort far beyond anything that most urban dwellers, such as myself, would be prepared to countenance or are perhaps even capable of.  Our farmers are amongst the best in the world and, with a combination of scientific method and ancient knowledge, are more than capable of rising to the challenge of self-sufficiency.  Yet many are treated appallingly.  Once free of the European Union, a more rational system of support and encouragement can be given to them so that they can work not only towards the goal of self-sufficiency but also maintain the countryside generally, preserving important natural sites and encouraging tourism.


  1. Brief summaries of the general ills of the farming industry, including the part played by the EU and the supermarkets
  2. Practical advice generally on the re-structuring of agriculture once we are out of the EU.
  3. Practical advice on moving away from the intensive farming of livestock and the encouragement of diversity as opposed to monoculture in crop farming.
  4. Suicide and sickness statistics for farmers compared with the general population.