trust – tolerance – self-sufficiency

A great many things need urgent attention.  However, a high priority will be given to making us feel safer on our own streets and in our own homes by dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour.  As a large part of this is fuelled by alcohol and drug abuse, coupled with poor policing and a confused penal system, the following will be acted on immediately:

  1. Rationalization of the drug laws to destroy the economic base of the illegal drugs trade.
  2. Rationalization of the penal system to focus on the principle of reparation.
  3. Reform of the Police Service.
  4. Implementation of a clear right to self defence against criminals and the removal of the right of criminals to take action against victims.
  5. Action to deal with anti-social alcohol abuse

In addition:

  1. We will withdraw immediately from the European Union, and the asylum and immigration laws will be rationalized.
  2. There will be a review of the ‘Human Rights’ legislation to end its use in protecting criminals and oppressing the law-abiding.
  3. Work will also begin reforming the education system, the national health service, the social welfare system, and Parliament.
  4. For the economy and the needs of self-sufficiency and national security, a wide-ranging review will be begun into the best ways of supporting and encouraging farmers and small businesses, particularly in manufacturing.  This will include an examination of all forms of taxation, planning, and so-called ‘health and safety’ laws with a view to both radically simplifying them and reducing their more pernicious effects in stifling initiative and enterprise.
  5. Government bureaucracy will be reduced by asking about every activity, ‘What purpose does this serve?’

Although all the above are urgent, it has to be accepted that a great deal of effort will be involved initially in sorting out the mess left behind by the current and previous Governments.  In addition, morale and efficiency having been so badly damaged by ‘initiative overload’, the best efforts and goodwill of everyone will be needed to implement these vitally important reforms.  To ensure the best possible solutions, changes will involve primarily seeking the views of those who actually do the work and delegating as much authority to them as is possible.