The country needs the experience – wisdom perhaps – of its older generation – people with roots going back to World War Two and the austerity years, and who can remember all too well the industrial and inflationary madness of the 60s and 70s. Notwithstanding the hysterical rhetoric beloved by politicians and the media, the world today is a safer and kinder place than it has ever been – an ounce of memory will confirm that – and I suppose we have all helped make it so. However, there is still a lot wrong with it, not the least being that somewhere along the line we nodded off and let in the present generation of appalling politicians. Doubtless the reasons for this will make an interesting study for future academics but what we have to do now, for our own sakes and for the sakes of our children and theirs, is sort out the mess we’ve helped make. Time to wake up and get moving. Have a think about what is written on this site, and help if you can.

One of the most insidious problems of growing old, aggravated by the timorous and whimpering attitudes prevailing in society today, is the grisly fatalism that creeps in once we start to creak a little. ‘I’m old, therefore I can’t’ is an appallingly powerful siren song luring us to stagnation and decline. It is also utter and pernicious balderdash and should be trampled underfoot ruthlessly. We are at our best when we are helping others, but, fundamentally, this requires that we help ourselves – keep ourselves in as good fettle as we can. Here’s something to think about