If you are British, then you will know this. If you are not, then you need to know it. While a substantial majority of the population would claim to be Christian, comparatively few take any serious interest in the various organized Christian churches. Even fewer give a damn about the religions of other people. Most are content to live and let live – to respect the right of other people to follow the religion of their choice, providing, of course, that they are given the same courtesy.

Unfortunately, through no fault of your own, Islam is now on trial. It has not been put there by Western society, Christians, Jews, Atheists, or some ‘International Globalist Conspiracy’ etc, but by the murderous literalists who have wilfully ignored the inner wisdom of your Koran and produced a toxic mockery of Islam to justify the crimes they wish to commit.

You can, of course, choose to do nothing about this and just get on with your life in the hope that the trouble will ‘go away’. I certainly have some sympathy with that response – everyone likes a quiet life – but before you make that choice, you might do some research into ‘Appeasement’ and also consider the adage, ‘all that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.’

You may feel that you can do very little, but then you have Edmund Burke’s version of the above, ‘The greatest sin is to do nothing because you can only do a little’. You must never underestimate the effects of a small action – no one can see the future, and outcomes are often very different from those expected. (Small example – at a meeting in 1944, someone moved a briefcase that was in his way – a trivial action by any definition. If he had not moved it however, the bomb inside it would have killed Hitler and the entire history of the world from that time would have been completely different). Certainly, to do nothing is to allow the literalists to win, by allowing them to continue committing murders and other crimes in the name of your religion.

I offer these few thoughts for your consideration:

  1. When someone speaks on behalf of the ‘Muslim Community’, remind them that you are a unique individual with your own ideas and did not elect them to represent you. Remind them too that referring to all Muslims as being part of a single group is potentially de-humanizing, and as such, extremely dangerous.
  2. When a Local Authority/School/Shopping Centre/Charity declares there will be no Christmas trees/decorations/cards/carol concerts/nativity scenes etc for fear of offending you, it may be that you actually feel more offended and threatened by their patronizing arrogance than by the celebration of a Christian festival. If so, speak out.
  3. Wearing the veil. People are, of course, entitled to wear whatever they wish, but wearing the veil should not be allowed in schools which receive taxpayer’s money, or in Courts of Law. It would be a kindness and a courtesy too, to make sure that women new to the country know that here, when speaking to others, covering the face is extremely ill-mannered and sometimes menacing. Would they, for example, appreciate groups of men walking about in balaclavas or Ku Klux Klan hoods?

I would welcome any practical and positive suggestions about what Muslims can do to expose and eradicate the literalist murderers. What are your thoughts on mockery – deriding their distorted theology, their gullibility, their naive expectations of the afterlife, their risible ‘martyrdom’ videos etc?