trust – tolerance – self-sufficiency

Though not a burning issue at the moment, fluoridation does touch on important area. At the moment, local health authorities can instruct water suppliers to add fluoride to our drinking water. They are supposed to do this only after ‘local consultation’, but anyone used to dealing with public authorities knows they are every bit as arrogant and detached from reality as Westminster and that such an assurance is worthless once some ‘senior manager’ had made a decision.

That our drinking water should be laced with chemicals other than those needed for safety – compulsory mass medication – is an appalling idea in principle, and that it is even being considered is an alarming measure of the attitude of those we have set in charge of us.  Ostensibly the inclusion of fluoride is to reduce tooth decay in children, but the main cause of this is simply failure to clean the teeth properly.  It would be foolish to imagine that parents who cannot teach their children this basic healthcare habit are in every other respect excellent.  The grim reality is that children so undisciplined as to be unable to clean their teeth will almost certainly grow up to present society with far worse problems than mere dental costs.  The money – our money – proposed for fluoridation (and funding the propaganda about it) should be spent identifying and helping these parents.

Those who need or wish to take these chemicals are free to do so, but to have them, quite literally, forced down our throats is wholly unacceptable.