trust – tolerance – self-sufficiency

Most people who voted in the 1973 Referendum voted to remain in a Common Market – a free trade area.  Since then, the EU has intruded increasingly in our national life, reducing MPs to pointless ciphers and burdening industry and commerce with tens of thousands of fatuous directives and regulations.  With its policy-forming body, the Council of Ministers, meeting in secret, its main administrative body, the Commission, so corrupt that at one point every member of it had to be sacked, its accounting so bad that the auditors have refused to sign off the accounts for over a decade, the question is, would you put your trust or your money in a company with such a record?  For far less heinous financial sins there was panic and a run on the Northern Rock bank in 2007.

The EU has cost us thousands of millions of pounds and who can say what in terms of our progress in the world.  We are swamped with pettifogging Euro-laws, including such ‘nacht und nebel’ horrors as the European arrest warrant which allows foreign police to arrest and extradite British citizens without reference to British courts, and, increasingly, national policy is being determined not by elected politicians, but by our unelected judges, citing European law.

No one would doubt the good intentions behind the idea of the European Union – the prevention of future European wars – but every naive adolescent has good intentions and, as the saying goes, they often pave the way to Hell – indeed, it is interesting to note that the EU’s expansionist instincts have been a catalyst for the current near civil war in Ukraine. Realistically however, the prospect of another European war has evaporated with the cultural and technological developments since WW2 and the EU is now simply another corrupt, self-sustaining, self-justifying bureaucracy, a deeply and irredeemably flawed creation.  The claim that it will cease to be so as it grows is either monstrously cynical or an unparalleled triumph of hope over grim experience.

We must withdraw from the EU immediately.  Free, we will be better able to deal with our own social problems and put our economy on a sounder, more self-sufficient basis.  It is in both Europe’s and our own best long-term interests that we leave the EU now before it becomes even worse.  We will continue to maintain friendly relations with our Continental neighbours and co-operate with them in important matters such as the environment, international crime, trade, scientific research and cultural exchanges etc and should any doubt our commitment to this, it is worth remembering that thousands of our citizens have died in the past defending Europe.

We are not Europeans, any more than we are Americans, we are British and Britain must be free to fulfil its own unique destiny.  Like many a failed marriage, we will all get on better when we are not tied together.


  1. Details of the single-government intentions of the ‘Common Market’ that Edward Heath deliberately withheld from the public
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