(22 Mar 2015)  The Great Debate of the Leaders (sigh) – see my comments of the 25th Jan.  Watching these would-be ‘leaders’ dancing to the tune of TV programme makers in order to appear in a pointless ‘beauty contest’ – a sort of yah-booing Parliament-lite – demonstrates all too clearly why they are held in such contempt.  (Especially when you look at the quality of most of the programmes these makers produce!)

(26 Feb 2015)  While, like other megalomaniacs before him, Saville was a master of the Great Lie – something very few of us could detect – what made his position inviolable was the unquestioning support given to him by virtue of the halo radiance of his ‘celebrity status’ – the lauding of appearance over ability.  It is quite possible that ‘opportunities were missed’ that might have ended his hideous rampage but, given the stress laid by modern politicians on appearance rather than ability, they should look to their own inadequacies before they too eagerly scapegoat others in this connection.  They set the tone.

(26 Feb 2015)  One can only feel for the distraught parents of the three schoolgirls who have run off to Syria into who can say what physical and emotional danger.  May they have a happy outcome, and soon.

The media however, continue to encourage murder gangs with their hyper-ventilating language.  We are told, for example, that the girls are ‘very bright’ with the implication that they are intelligent and rational, and capable of making measured decisions.  In reality, of course, they are simply adolescents and prey to all the nonsense that can afflict that group – naivety, gullibility and complete lack of experience of the real world, not to say plain commonsense.  Also, they have not been dramatically ‘radicalised’, they have been wilfully deceived, misled, lied to, i.e. conned.  Nor have they have been taken into Syria by ‘people smugglers’ and IS ‘fighters’, they have been helped by dangerous local criminals for their own ends (the words ‘child molestation’ spring to mind).  A little less ‘drama’ and a little more realistic reporting might possibly help to protect future potential victims.

(25 Feb 2015)  I have no problem with MPs having other jobs – anything that gives them a hint of reality is a good thing – but given that we are paying their salaries to tend to our affairs, they must all be publicly and fully declared.  As for £5,000 a day, are you really worth more than sixty nurses, Mr Straw?

(16 Feb 2015)  Another mighty boost from the media for the literalist murderers thanks to their coverage of the Danish shootings.  ‘Denmark’s night of terror’ I hear a hyper-ventilating reporter announce on the News.  Personally, I think the Danes are made of sterner stuff than to be ‘terrified’ by the insane actions of some deluded inadequate.  It will be interesting to see if they arm themselves.  It will also be interesting to see if the media at last start to realize they are major players, not to say instigators, in this continuing and grim business.

(16 Feb 2015) The fabric of society is not being threatened by tax evasion as claimed by Mr Milliband, it is being threatened by blundering politicians who imagine that ever more Byzantine tax laws will make evasion more difficult, whereas the contrary is the case.

(2 Feb 2015) – Before piously declaiming his intention to start an ‘all-out war’ on mediocrity in schools, Mr Cameron might be better employed considering one against the lethal combination of irrationality and incompetence that Westminster routinely offers as an example to us all.

(25 Jan 2015) - The Great Debate of the Leaders.  Anyone who believes that shouting simplistic slogans and making airy promises in a wholly artificial ‘debate’ will inform the public about how their party will deal with the vast array of complex issues we face, is patently a fool.  Those who, rightly, do not believe this, will be reasoning that their charismatic TV ‘presence’ in this tenth rate talent show will sweep the public behind them – we being deemed incurably stupid.  So the  ‘debate’ offers us only fools or cynics.  And we should not forget, or course, that these individuals, all solemnly promising courageous ‘leadership’, are dancing like puppets to the ratings-guided string-pulling of a few TV programme makers.

(17 Jan 2015) – George Osborne tells us earnestly, “There’s lot of oil under the North Sea – we’ve got to get it out”.  Why this rush to destroy the environment, George?

(12 Jan 2015)  Charlie Hebdo – It is just possible that the advocates and perpetrators of random murder may learn something for the massive and moving response of the French people to this pointless slaughter, but seemingly, our leaders won’t.  It is deeply disturbing that those in charge of our ‘security’ actually claim they can somehow ‘keep us safe’.  It takes no great insight to realize that these murderers do not care who they kill, or where, providing they get the all-important publicity.  If place A is too well guarded, place B will do.  And nothing can stop them getting the weaponry.  Nowhere – no-one – is ‘safe’ from their madness and for those in charge to pretend otherwise is to demonstrate almighty complacency or wilful deceit, for who can say what reasons.  Either way, it is to treat the public with contempt and further endanger them.  (See ‘Terrorism’),