trust – tolerance – self-sufficiency

It has become routine when anything bad happens to assume that it is someone else’s fault and that they must be made to pay for it.  This does not constitute a national crisis, but it is patently a bad thing – the very concept of personal responsibility wanes, the general ethos of society becomes timorous and hesitant, both initiative and common sense are crushed, and intolerance grows.

It is tempting to say that the solicitors who undoubtedly fuel this trend should be prevented from ‘ambulance chasing’.  However, bans never work and this behavior is, in any event, merely a symptom.  Nothing will be improved until we deal with the root cause of the problem, namely the blame-seeking attitude that is a feature of almost every aspect of political and public life.  The various ‘human rights’ and so-called ‘health and safety’ laws will be examined to see how they can be amended to prevent this kind of abuse.


  1. Information on the origin of the ‘risk assessment/duty of care’ folly that pervades everything we do
  2. Examples of the same.
  3. Advice on how to mitigate this.