(28 Feb 09) At £13,000 a week, Fred Goodwin’s Pension is nothing if not spectacular, especially compared to the State Retirement Pension of £95, but if he has legal title to it then I suspect nothing can be done, save a special personalized Act of Parliament, which would be an extremely disturbing precedent.  More to the point, it is a pity that the media do not focus on the real culprits here, namely those who agreed this deal with him.  Frankly, however, I find the most distasteful part of this business the clanging Anvil Chorus of kettles calling the pot black being raised by our MPs and, not least, the Prime Minister.  Compared to what they have cost us, Fred Goodwin’s windfall is nothing.  And of all the people to criticize others for greed and incompetence!  Shouting to distract attention from themselves maybe?