(25 May 08) Once again the media demonstrates its inability to tell the difference between a ‘landslide’ election victory and a hole in the road.  At 58%, the turnout was less than it was in 2005 (60%), and means that 2 out of 5 voters still find nothing worthwhile in any of the major parties.  Labour and the Lib Dems lost about 10,500 votes between the but were all these good souls lured by enlightened ‘New Tory’ policies?  Seemingly not.  2000 of them preferred to swell the ranks of the non-voters and some 2200 gave a more emphatic ‘plague on all your houses’ message by voting for the gaggle of minority candidates.  The remaining 6300 presumably voted Tory because recent events have shown even the dimmest what an incompetent, tax-grabbing shower Labour are and, given that the Lib Dems had no hope of winning, the Tory candidate was all that was left.  Some landslide!