(16 Mar 08)  The use of torture – either physical or the equally damaging psychological – by the USA to ‘extract’ information from prisoners suspected of so-called terrorism is completely unacceptable :  it is morally repugnant, giving only legitimate justification to the enemy;  it degrades both the tortured and the torturers, it alienates possible allies, and, sorriest of all, it is unlikely to yield worthwhile intelligence.  More research should be done into the bodily responses associated with lying under interrogation – tiny and involuntary facial expressions, gestures, change in skin temperature etc. but, that said, it is a pity that no one in authority had the wit to realize the beneficial example to be set by simple civilized treatment and due process.  As for ‘extraordinary rendition’ – where in the name of linguistic sanity did that come from?  The phrase they were searching for was presumably ‘transportation of prisoners’.  Extraordinary rendition is what a singer might do with a song.